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• If you want to buy a house, but the banks won’t give you a mortgage, we might be able to help

• If you are looking for someone to buy your house quickly, we may be able to find the right buyer for you

• If you are an investor who wants to purchase real estate property, and also achieve positive cash flow – consider asking for our help

• If you already have a real estate portfolio which is costing you a lot of money every month due to negative gearing, we can often help to turn some of that cash flow from negative to positive …


At Maxwell Baret Real Estate Solutions, we work hard for you, in order to live up to our name. We are here to help you out.

The last few years have been financially hard for nearly everyone. The ‘GFC’ has hit investors, businesses, employers and employees, and some are truly in dire straits.

The financial institutions have also been hurt, so they have reacted by tightening up on lending to an outrageous extent.

Many home owners are suffering and unable to meet their mortgage commitments. The banks are on their backs and ready to take their homes away, and send them bankrupt at the same time – who wants that?

Home buyers are unable to get the mortgage they need for a number of reasons, even though they can easily afford the monthly payments –

  • They may not be able to raise the 30% deposit that the banks are demanding
  • They may have been hit by unfortunate accounting advice, and ended up with a bad credit rating – which might not be justified.
  • They may have been forced into bankruptcy, and still need to wait it out before the banks will provide a mortgage again.

If the home buyers cannot get the mortgage, then the home sellers can’t find a buying market!

… and both of these groups find it hard to feel sorry for the investors … however let’s look at their plight:

  • They were advised by their accountants to ‘buy and hold’ investment property to wait for it to appreciate in value. On the surface that seems OK. But property values are not climbing the way they used to, and in many areas they have fallen since the heady days of the 20th century.
  • Most are negatively geared – that means that the rental return on their property is less than the property expenses – and always has been … often by a long way …
  • They are hemorrhaging money every month, and there is a limit to their ability to pay (just like the average home owner) … and they have reached that limit!
  • But they can’t sell – for the same reason as the home owner – there are just not enough buyers out there with the money to buy, and they are facing selling at a loss – often a huge loss (on top of the monthly losses they have accrued since the initial purchase)

Then there are those new investors who want to enter the market, and who are feeling nervous because they have heard all of the horror stories of investors losing everything. It is true – there are plenty of potential investors who can afford to invest, but are reluctant to join the army of negatively geared property investors.

This is where we come in …

We are in a position to be able to help all of these groups, by helping them meet each other’s needs.

MaxwellBaret Real Estate Solutions is backed by a group of investors with decades of individual experience in all areas of real estate property investment. Together, we can help you solve your realestate challenges.

If you are a home owner needing to sell your house and solve your financial stress, we can help you out by helping you out of your mortgage. For more information, go to Buy My Home and see how we can help you out …

If you want to buy a home, or you want to get into the market before it just leaves you too far behind, and can afford the monthly payments, but for some reason you are unable to convince the banks to provide a mortgage, let’s see what can be done to let us help you in … See how we might be able to help at We Help You Buy.

If you are haemorrhaging money every month and want to reduce, or stop the negative cash flow before you bleed to death financially, let us see how we can turn some of that negative to positive cash flow to stop the haemorrhage, and build you a more balanced portfolio for the long term. Read more at Negative To Positive.

If you are an investor wanting to enter the real estate property market and don’t want to fall into the negative gearing trap, let us help you start your portfolio with some positively geared property, giving you a real, monthly positive cash flow. To learn more about how we might help you start the growth, visit our site at Positive Geared Property.


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